Indigo Holistics TaiJi & Qigong @ The Park
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  TaiJi & Qigong @ The Park

Experience TaiJi & Qigong movement outdoors under the sky as you cultivate energy in nature around you. Clear, Tone, Strengthen and Regulate Your Body, Energy, Organs & Emotions through easy movement.


Sunday mornings @ 8:30 in Devendorf Park, Carmel by The Sea, CA.

  Seated Meditation

Seated Meditation is a series of guided processes that take you through a visionary tour of your body, its energy and the energy field around you. Open your mind to the essence of who you are, free yourself from the chaos of your busy life and take time to tune out the world so you may tune into your inner universe, your Divine Self.

  KI Flow Essentials™

KI Flow Essentials™ is the first step into understanding how to ground you to the earth. It is the beginning building block of the KI Flow™ energy movement system. Its fun, playful free flowing movement stemming from the combined practices of Qigong, TaiJi and Yoga, yet are not confined to these individual arts.

Starting with simple grounding exercises and easy movements that take you through coordinated sequences while installing confidence in your footing the KI Flow movement system brings in a new sense of freedom and range of motion to your body. Some props are used at times, such as weighted discs or balloons and fans to enhance the visualization connected to the movement while pure imagination is encouraged all the time. KI Flow Essentials™ connects right and left hemispheres of the brain and works with enhancing coordination, hands to eyes, feet to body, core to Earth.

  KI Flow Hemispheres™

The second phase of the KI Flow™ energy movement system is KI Flow Hemispheres™. Connecting you with the physical core of your body to create a deeper rooting through specific movements designed to encourage core muscular strength. Build stability and open your fascia expanding your imagination through elegant movements like “Dragon Plays With Pearl”, “Embody Your Buddha Nature”, and “Expanded Heart”, which creates a stronger flow of blood, increasing lung capacity taking your physical self to the edge of the universe. KI in Japanese means energy where from one’s center comes creation, a combination of equal power and force. KI Flow Hemispheres™ increases the energy that courses through the body. Learn how to deeply clear your meridians, your energy channels and then draw new energy or KI into them.

  Medical Qigong Basics

This segment teaches one how to safely purge their energy channels, organs and emotions while becoming aware of different energy centers in the body. Through this practice you will be able to isolate areas of your body that are being unconsciously held so you may let go of what no longer serves you. Learn exercises that enhance your perception of energy and feel the Chi running through and around your body.

  Medical Qigong Enhanced

After having being familiar with Medical Qigong Basics now fortify and enhance your Qigong practice through intense and invigorating movements that take your body and energy to another level. Learn a Qigong form that cleanses the liver while strengthening the abdominal wall, arms and legs. Deepen all standing postures through a wider gate between the feet and a lower center of gravity by pulling energy into your core and extend Chi from your Dantien.

  TaiJi Basics

Learn the foundation of TaiJi through simple movement to help open the body physically and energetically by isolating body parts to proper weight distribution creating more flexibility. Experience TaiJi segments that are fun to do, which help balance right and left sides as well as bring the body into the gentleness of the practice without overloading yourself on the many details and the intricacy that TaiJi carries. This helps establish your foundation so you can continue to learn deeper aspects of the TaiJi form if you desire.

Tai Chi  beginning form   TaiJi Beginning Form (Open to 1st Punch)

Commencing the Form entails a deeper rooting through Horse Stance and Long Horse Stance as well as Right and Left Bow Stances. Focus is placed on the opening and closing of the gates (the feet) and proper weight distribution to execute turning of the feet during movement. We emphasize detailed alignment of the body within the TaiJi postures facing their intended direction before moving through transitions that bring you to the next posture in the form. The legs become stronger developing a stable foundation so you may advance to the next level.


Tai Chi middle form   TaiJi Middle Form (1st Punch to Fist Under Elbow)

Deep within the Middle Form you’ll find yourself in the center of the universe as you develop more of a sense of moving from your core. Body alignment of the TaiJi postures facing proper direction is stressed before learning transitions. Repetition of the beginning is throughout, as you progress learning more intricate segments of Master Cheng Man Ch’ing’s Medium Length Yang Style, composed of eighty movements.



Tai Chi finish form   TaiJi Finish Form (Fist Under Elbow To Close)

Direction of where one is facing during the Finish Form is key to understanding where the body is to be within the dance of TaiJi. While instilling the Beginning and Middle portions of the Form through repetition you will learn advanced TaiJi postures that require the strength, balance and poise acquired throughout your practice. Begin at the beginning and enjoy the journey of your life until you have arrived at the finish.

beginning yoga   Yoga Beginning

This traditional Hatha class gives those just starting on a Yoga path foundational instruction in all standing, sitting, kneeling and lying postures needed to build a strong practice. Beginning Yoga is a 60-minute class and is considered more of a passive Yoga allowing the body time to relax as you breathe into the pose. Through surrendering to the breath the body is guided into a space of being open and free.


intermediate yoga   Yoga Intermediate

Intermediate Yoga is a 75-minute flow of postures. From one asana to the next we explore areas of the body that need attention: stretching, strengthening and liberating. Balancing right to left sides, front to back, inside to outside and physical to spiritual. Deepen your understanding of your body and the energy that surrounds you.

advanced yoga   Yoga Advanced

Through Advanced Yoga you are reminded to engage the body, contracting and strengthening as you stretch the opposing muscle groups. This 90-minute class encourages you to go beyond your comfort zone to discover a new sense of self that is buried under patterns of tension. Asanas are held for at least 5 breaths as we cover a wide range of postures from one-legged standing, inversions, toe-stands, to hand stands. This is an active practice and requires work within the postures. A more conscious Sivasana in a seated posture is introduced to bring a meditative element before lying down to your final resting pose.