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KIFlow   Kids in Motion - Ki Flow Universe

KI Flow brings new life into the body via the energy gathered from nature around you. Through combining Qigong, TaiJi and Yoga a whole new world of movement is open to you. “Bending the Redwood Tree” by using the power from your center. Reach out into the universe to “Touch the Stars” and bring them into you. Have fun and be free letting energy move you as you expand your imagination into a playful world of exploration.

Kids jungle   Kids In Motion - TaiJi Jungle

This class is designed to introduce to children from kindergarten to 5th grade a playful beginning to TaiJi. Discover and bring to life different animals through TaiJi movement. Play the Cat and Embrace the Ball of yarn to throw across the sky. Dance around with the Dragon playing with the Pearl of the Moon. Be like the Tiger ready to Pounce while you Hold Clouds in your hands and Offer Fruit to the Monkey. The Snake Creeps Down to Slither Through the Grass and carries you through the Jungle of Fun.

Kids Yoga   Kids In Motion - Yoga Circus

Children are naturally flexible and this class helps them keep their bodies resilient. Through Yoga movement they learn new ways to express themselves and calm their mind finding balance through the different stages of their youth. Bend and Flex like the Bow of the Archer, stand tall as a Mountain and be grounded like the Tree. Enjoy your journey down the Yoga path, as you become a Warrior and Master of your own Circus.