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Our first encounter was during Yoga and TaiJi classes that Kaleo was teaching while Ester was retreating for a week of detoxing in the desert. Right away there was a strong energy presence that we noticed about each other. A few days into her retreat while Ester was meditating under an open pyramid structure, wanting to honor her quiet space, Kaleo approached and asked if he may talk with her for a while. Not aware of the two hours that had passed, Kaleo and Ester realized they shared a similar dream to create a place where people could come to escape their daily lives to renew themselves to a healthier way of living. The two months that followed we stayed in contact only through email where our relationship began to grow. In August 2011 the foundation for our lives together started to take root. As we continue to build Indigo Holistics our goals are to offer retreats around the world that enhance your nutritional state and bring to you movement and energy so you may find a new sense of self; as well as create a Healing Resort where you can come to us in a spiritual setting to feel reborn and at peace. What you see within the Indigo Holistics services is the first step to bringing our dream into reality.

“Create your own life with your limitless imagination.”
-Kaleo & Ester