Our Mission



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We envision a world where people better understand themselves and live from a place of integrity, bringing them into the wisdom of who they are so they see others through eyes of compassion.  Those who carry the courage to move beyond their current lifestyle while gathering knowledge to better their health and heal their heart so their actions are of kindness. Indigo Holistics caters to individuals or groups working with physical and energetic therapies, movement and nutrition through one-on-one, class settings or workshops and retreats. We stand apart as facilitators to better health by the energy that moves from our core, our dantien. From this center we derive immense power to move energy that no longer serves you. Energy from injury that brings you into pain, to traumatic experiences that cause fear, sadness or anger, to miss-managed diet creating toxins in the body, or to move energy because you have a desire to feel light and vibrant. Through natural remedies we provide you with the tools to recharge the body, mind and emotions, which resets the energetic, nervous and digestive systems. You will walk away with a new awareness of yourself and everything around you, with your body feeling rejuvenated, healthier and stronger. You will be content with where you are at in every moment, because you’ll have a sense of peace that surrounds you as you have discovered happiness that has been inside of you this whole time.

“The easiest way to find happiness is to place your index fingers at the corners of your mouth and raise your lips.”
-Indigo Holistics