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Hi Kaleo, I wanted to tell you how wonderful my body feels after my message yesterday, you truly are spiritual and I get it! Look forward to the next one. I'm also planning on getting my body out of bed to try one of your yoga classes in the near future, thanks.
Deanna, Carmel Valley, CA

Before I turned 65, I never thought I could do yoga. I then started going to Kaleo's 7 am yoga class and now attend usually three times a week. I can't stretch as much as others in the class but I come away feeling refreshed and limber! Kaleo's instruction is clear, concise with a dash of humor and he introduces moves that I never thought I would be able to express. Thank you Kaleo!

Meredith, Carmel Valley, CA

Kaleo's Qigong class was seriously popular for many reasons: It was easy to follow with appropriate layman metaphors facilitating clients such as myself unfamiliar with Qigong terminology. His awareness of all levels participating in each class demonstrates his keen teaching skills and confidence in the practice. His happy, positive energy with laid back manner is contagious experienced after each session. Kaleo's understanding of Qigong is head & shoulders above many imitators after repeated disappointing classes with others on both coasts. We miss his unique mellow yet effective style of Qigong and highly recommend his class. Namaste;)

Chris Phelan, Palm Springs, CA & NY

Kaleo you have made a huge difference in the way my leg is moving. My upper thigh is not locking up the way it had been. This is real progress. I wanted you to know how grateful I am for your help.
Best Wishes
Nancy, Pebble Beach, CA

Here is my impression of your work from first hand knowledge: "Kaleo is marvelous at what he does. He is not only talented but he is very tuned in to his client's needs. I am always impressed at his ability to improve my physical being and relax my mind as well.

Elaine, Seattle, WA

Experiencing Kaleo's bodywork over the past 13 years, I feel that I can always rely on him to bring a most considerate quality and depth to the table. I find him tuning in, paying attention to detail and approaching the space of bodycare with a wide angle lens....bringing with him his own personal commitment to health and self care.

Bruno De Almeida, Bellingham, WA

You have a great depth and breadth to your work, from quiet still energetic holds, to gentle swaying and rotating of limbs and joints, to strong deep work. This has supported deep cathartic physio-emotional release for me, just in our two sessions, in ways I have not been able to access with my current practitioners. Your energy stays quiet and calm in the presence of these big releases which allows me to be with it and let it move through. You access deep-body areas to release both with your strength and by mobilizing and placing the joints to create different access and connection points to work in. Such a great rythym of deep strong work, gentle movements and stillness; matches the cycles of us and things and healing. The energetics around my shoulder and heart continue to calm. One really fun and lovely unexpected outcome was discovered as I drove to the bay area last weekend. I glanced back over my left shoulder to check traffic and realized how EASY it was and how I have at least 5 more degrees of rotation there. Same thing on the right side when I turned to back out of a parking spot. Ah!Â
Kirsten, Santa Cruz, CA

I had never done yoga before coming to your class. Even though I had been doing pilates for almost two years and been going to gyms for 40, I was a little intimidated and didn't know quite what to expect. You were patient, supportive, and very welcoming. You went through all the poses, explaining what was to be done, not in a pedantic way, but in a thoughtful, calm, and encouraging manner that put me at ease. I was totally surprised at how intense it was. But at the end of the day, it was enjoyable, I felt I had accomplished and learned something,and I wanted to come back and do it again. I always feel I learn more and have a better practice with you than with any other yoga instructor. You opened my eyes to a knew experience. If you weren't as good as you are, I would not have continued.
Bruce, Palm Springs, CA

Kaleo's group qigong classes are geared for all levels of students. Advanced students benefit from being reminded of form and intention as beginners learn new moves. Kaleo encourages each student to take the moves as far as their body feels comfortable; exploring, expanding, refining the moves. In his private instruction Kaleo focuses on the intention of the moves, the mental aspects as well as the finer points of the physical moves. He is excellent at providing visualizations which I find very helpful in my own private practice.

Michele Jamison, Palm Springs, CA

Being a Massage Therapist I truly can say I love what Kaleo brings to the table. He is a professional . Kaleo listens to what you have to say before he starts his treatment. His service's are really all about you as the client. He intuitively listens through his touch to heal you. He is the only Therapist that I can have deep tissue from. He begins with a firm touch and as the body starts to soften he compassionately goes deeper. In this way I do not transfer tension from one area to another. Kaleo 's flow in his technique relaxes the emotional state of being. He does not just work body parts. The movement is continuous. For example . . Up the leg continue up the back, down the arm and back again. No stopping at the end of the body part. This brings extreme Bliss to your massage. Also in area's where you need a lighter touch, say for instance the Lymph nodes he applies the gentlest touch. Truly a master at what he does. You can tell he loves what he does.

Elisa Alexander, Palm Springs, CA

I attended your Qigong class on Saturday morning in Colorado Springs and loved it! I felt so fantastic from that experience, thank you.

Leslie Colorado Springs, CO

Two words…Healing Hands. Not only for the body but the soul. Kaleo has become a part of our health regimen and a part of our family. He's the best, there's no comparison!

Mike and Angel, Palm Springs, CA